Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Ok, I’m going to tell you about the pictures first because I might forget what order I add them at.

  1. The first one is with one of my instructors at the CTM. Irmã Menezes was amazing!
  2. The next one is my other instructor, Irmão Ramalho and my distric in the CTM. These were taken on my last full day in the CTM.
  3. The 3rd is me with some of my favorite sisters in the CTM. My absolute favorite is Sister Barros, she is the one in the front in the black shirt.

This week really flew by. I feel like I was just in here checking email 2 days ago. It continues to be nice and toasty warm here. It is really nice because I don’t feel super hot very often, just warm and sweaty, always sweaty. When it is sunny here it is SUNNY. The sun is really intense. I use sun block and use an umbrella and I’m still getting a little red. You can’t really tell, but I can.

Yesterday we had another 2 baptisms. Their names are Natália and Talita. Natália is the mom and Talita the sister of the two girls that were baptized last week. It was amazing to see them all together after they came out of the water! It is a small miracle that the baptism could take place at all. About an hour before it was supposed to start the water in the building just ran out and the font was only at about ankle height. They tried filling up buckets in the bathroom but ran out of water in there too. Next they tried to attach a hose to a water spicket outside and had the hose through the window. This didn’t work because there wasn’t a place to screw the hose on so people had to stand there and hold it up to the spicket. Finally we got some of the young men to fill up buckets and bring them from the spicket into the building one by one. The water was still pretty low for a baptism, but it was enough to work with. What a great way to start off a mission!

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