Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 7th, 2012

So, we are still waiting for transfers to happen.  We will find out later.  All the sisters have interviews today and I think we will know then, but we had to use the internet before because I don't think we will have time after.  I am about 99% certain that my companion will be transferred,  but I guess we will have to wait to see.
 I liked the pictures.  Wow, you guys are so white.  It's kind of weird :) but I guess it is winter there, so it makes sense.  

This week we had the baptism of Lara.  She is the one that has been going to church for YEARS but for some reason never got baptized.  It was really good.  There were a lot of people that went.  She was really excited and wanted a lot of pictures and everything.  I would send some of them but I let another sister use my camera today because it is her last day here.  I will send them next week.  But that was definitely the high point of our week.  

It sounds like Tyler is getting all ready for his mission.  Or maybe just laying around the house.  Well, tell him to enjoy it while he can because there is no such thing as rest and relaxation on the mission.

I will tell you all about transfers next week when everything is said and done.  I love you lots.  bye


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