Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 27, 2013

It sounds like things are finally winding down and you are getting ready for summer.  I am probably one of the luckiest missionaries in the world because I will return home right at the beginning of summer, so I won't have a huge shock with winter cold...hopefully

No. they do not have Memorial Day here.  And the member with the turtles had them as pets.  What do you mean by food source?? I am confused, how would a turtle be a food source? People eat normal food here, pizza, chicken, lots of soda, rice, beans, only normal stuff.  The weirdest thing that I ate on the mission wasn't even that weird.  It was a goose egg when I was in Esplanada.  Other than that, only normal food.  We don't have dinner at members houses, only lunch because that is the main meal of the day.  And just about nobody has AC here, it is really expensive and people here in general are kinda poor.  But almost everyone has concrete walls around their houses with an electric fence on top.  If you don't have this, you are probably going to be robbed.  I will take some pictures of our house to show you when I get home.  I do have more pictures I want to send you but I forgot my camera cord today so I will send them next week.  Next week will be my last email home!! weird.  It still doesn't feel like the end is coming.  It still feels like I should have about 4 or 5 more months.  I don't think I will really realize that I am going home until I actually get home.  I am excited to see everyone again and have more time to sleep :)

I will send a couple of pictures next week with my last email. 
I love you lots!

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