Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

I can’t believe it is already February! The time really flies here. Today is P-day and like every P-day we went to the Sao Paulo Temple. There were two other sister missionaries there and they said that they are leaving for home tomorrow. It was kind of weird to think that people are going home when we have just started. This last week things really started clicking for me. I still am terrible at Portuguese but I'm starting to catch on a little faster. Yesterday in class, our teacher Irmao Ramalho played one of the Preach My Gospel DVDs in Portuguese and we would have to listen and repeat back in English what was said. Yup, I understood the most out of anyone in my district. I am really good at listening to DVDs or the translators we have during devotionals and usually to our teachers, but when I am having an actual conversation, I never understand anything. It stinks, but I'm getting there.

So last week we had a visit from Elder Anderson and Elder Ballard. It was an amazing meeting! I got to sit right in the front and center. It was great! Elder Anderson talked about how we can use the Atonement in our lives and help our investigators use it in their lives. Elder Ballard talked about using the Holy Ghost in our lives and when we teach and about being prepared and obedient. We sang the Spirit of God right before they spoke. The Spirit was so strong. I wish we could get Apostles down here more often to speak to us; especially because most of the Brazilians have never seen or heard a general authority in real life.

Sister Mulhestein and I taught one of our investigators right after the devotional. Lidia is her name but she is played my one of our teachers Irma Manezes. This week we asked her if she would pray about being baptized. We haven't had a chance to follow up yet but we will soon. We only have one hour a night to teach her and we have to divide up all the nights between all the companionships in our district. There are 6 companionships and we usually don't have time on Tuesdays after devotional to teach at all. Hopefully we will be able to follow up today but i don't know.

Just so everyone knows, I am leaving the CTM in 2 weeks. Don’t send anymore letters here. Just send them to my mission home. the address is

Sister Adrienne Miller

Rua Tersandro Paz, 2.129 Sala 105/108- Picara

Teresina PI 64015-015


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