Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Oh, mom you aren’t going to keep the seasonal dried corn on the cob?? It is a classic family decoration!  Fall will never be the same without it :)  You are going to Arizona? now? In the summer time? Have fun with that.  I guess you will get a little taste of what my life is like everyday! Hehehe.  Anyway, lots happened this week.  The first is that I got your package!! Man, it was fast! Are you sure I can’t open it now? It is just sitting in my room calling my name all day, every day.  I also got a TON of letters this week!!  It was great! 

Yesterday was the dedication of the Manaus temple.  It was so good!! They broadcasted it to our ward building in Junco so it was nice and close.  President Uchtdorf and Elder Cook were there.  Wow, Pres. Uchtdorf is funny!  When he doesn’t have a set script he says lots of "ok, let’s go" I don’t know. He says lots of little things that aren’t really funny but the way he says it is funny.  It was a very good dedication.  The spirit was very strong.  Elder Uchtdorf talked a lot about Elder Faust because E. Faust always wanted a temple in Manaus.

My last bit of news is that I have been transferred.  I am still companions with Sister Sena (woo hoo!) and we are going to a city called São Luis in Maranhão.  I am   ridiculously lucky because there are only two cities in our mission that are "cold." one is Sobral and the other is São Luis.  São Luis is on the coast and has lots of wind, or so everyone says.  Sister Smith and Sister Moda, the other 2 sisters that we live with are on their way to Piripiri in Piauí.  Piripiri is a lot hotter than Sobral according to Sister Sena who was there right before she came here.  I am excited to go, but I don’t want to leave all the people behind here, and I especially don’t want to be separated from Sister Smith and Sister Moda.  Oh well.  I heard that all the missionaries will go to Teresina to welcome the new president in July, so if we are lucky we will be able to see them again! 

 That’s all the news I have for now.  I love you!!
1st -- all the sisters with on Sunday for the Manaus Temple dedication
2nd -- Me with Sister Sena in front of the chapel.  I realized the other day that I don’t have a picture of the sign with the name of the church in Portuguese.  This one is kind of hard to read.

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