Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

What? That was the last Sunday of June? That was fast...  There is lots of work to do here in São Luís.  We have been teaching a girl named Eleniza.  She has been going to church for a while but the elders before us never talked to her or did anything.  So our first Sunday we went over to her house and taught her.  She is only at home on the weekends so we don’t get to visit her a lot.  We visited her this last week and guess what?  She is going to be baptized! And guess what else? She is getting married, on my birthday!! How cool is that?  This last lesson we taught her about the commandments and the word of wisdom and all that.  She told us that she had stopped drinking about 6 months ago just because she was thinking one day and realized that I wasn’t good for her.  Then she stopped drinking coffee all by herself because her boyfriend (a member) explained to her why we don’t drink coffee.  Basically she is better than the golden investigator.  We are both really excited for her!

2012-06-24:  This is us drinking Guaraná Jesus on our very first day in São Luís.  Yum!

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