Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Haha, tyler looks so excited in his picture.  I guess the surgery went well and all?  The picture with Grace in it, how did she get so big?  Ah, she is growing too fast!  Amanda’s house has started to look really good.  Have they finished, for the most part, putting together the inside?  I want to see pictures when they are done.  Right now all I picture is the model home. 
Novia at the Stake party

This is the official first week of our new mission president.  President Siedschlag is going to come and meet us all on the 10th then return to have interviews on the 14th.  The 14th is going to be a crazy day! We are going to have interviews, and Eleniza is going to get married and its my birthday.  Wow.  That is going to be a lot.

Anyway, this week was pretty sweet.  First the thing that is exciting but not quite as exciting.  In Brazil the month of June is a month of parties for Saint John.  Basically everyone has a party and there are special traditional dances and all.  The stake had its Festa de Junina on Friday this last week.  It was pretty sweet.  There is always a noiva, or fiancee that goes to the dance dressed in a wedding dress and leads one of the dances.  There were also a couple of dances of the "Beauty of Portugal" which was pretty cool too and apparently a thing that they only do in Maranhão. 

Elenzia Before her Baptism
The other thing that happened this week is that Eleniza was baptized! She was so cute.  She was super excited and when she left the font she as giggling because she was so happy and couldn’t contain herself.  Haha, yeah, she is a cute one.  We went to go teach her on Sunday to talk about the temple and eternal marriage and what she has to do in order to go to the temple.  And what do you know, she already knew about the temple and she told us that it is the number one goal for her and Cristiano (the member she is going to marry) after they get married. Perfect! Seriously, she is better than the perfect investigator. 

We are also visiting a man named Junio.  He lives with a member but they aren’t married.  He wants to be baptized but can’t until they are married.  He has been working and saving money for a while and this week he finally saved up enough and went to the place where you get the documents and finally set a date! They will get married the 22nd of August! woo hoo! 

All in all, this was an amazing week.  Everyone seems to be taking big steps and getting closer to baptism.  And in Eleniza's case, actually getting baptized!  I hope all is going well at home and that Tyler isn’t dying or anything.

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