Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Auhhh, Grace is even cute when she is sad!!  It looks like the 4th was a lot of fun.  We had a little bit of celebrations here too.  There were a TON of fireworks and lots of loud music (which is a normal thing every day).  Unfortunately it wasn’t for the 4th of July; it was for one of the biggest soccer teams here.  They played their last game on the 4th or something.  I don’t really follow soccer...

This week was pretty good; we met 2 new investigators that are pretty much awesome.  One is Jadson.  He is a reference from a member.  We tried to find his house once but couldn’t so we talked to the member and he is going to go with us some day.  The only problem is that both him and his wife are interested and his wife is always working when we planning to go to his house.  Hopefully it will all work out this week.  We passed by the members house the other day and he was sitting out in front talking.  So we stopped to talk and the member (who is a little crazy but cool) had him go into the house and watch this really old movie that introduces the church.  I think it was made sometime in the late 70's possibly? Well he watched it and he was very excited.  He was asking us questions and saying things like " oh, this would really bless my dad, he would really like this." Sweet! We are excited to work with him.  Hopefully someday it will actually happen.

Tomorrow we are going to meet our new president for the first time.  He is going to come over to our house which is a little scary.  We spent a lot more time cleaning today than we usually do.  I think he is only coming to make sure that all the houses have everything that they should.  We don’t have a DVD or a microwave.  It kind of stinks but it isn’t too bad I guess.  Then later on this week we are going to have our first interviews with him.  They are going to be on my birthday, I just hope that they aren’t at the same time as Elenisa'a wedding!!  Yup, this week should be a good one.  I hope you are doing well, I love you!

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