Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

This was a good week.  My interview with presidente was really good.  He talked a lot about being more focused and working because you want to.  He told me that basically that he knows that I don’t have a really hard time with this but the reasons I am companions with Sister Nathalie is to help her with this.  

Conference was really, really good.  We had a less active member come! which was awesome because we have been visiting her every week since the first week we got here and she is always too busy to go to church on Sundays, but 2 weeks ago I invited her to conference and she just said "...ummm... Yes.  I'll go".  It was awesome! And then she actually went! No one ever goes when they say they will, but she actually went.  It was for the Sunday afternoon session.  I hope she really listened because it had lots of good things for her.  

Wow, the announcement about the missionary age is crazy!  It kind of stinks that they didn’t change it 3 years ago when I had 19 years and could have gone.  At first I was a little ticked that it wasn’t changed 3 years ago.  But then I really started thinking about it and I am glad that I didn’t go when I only had 19 years.  I was not ready to go and it would have been a lot harder.

This next week is transfers and based off of what presidente said in our interview, I think that I will stay in my area with Sister Nathalie.  But who knows.  I could be wrong.  The big news about this transfer is that we are getting a new American sister.  But the other sisters that we thought were arriving still aren’t coming till later.

That’s all the news I have for now.  I love you

All these pictures are from conference:

Me with Sister Nathalie
3 of the 4 American sisters in our mission

Conference in the English room. All the Americans in my zone  (p.s., we don't have a zone of just sisters anymore

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