Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012

Auh! Gracie is so cute! I love her costume.  They don’t have Halloween
here, but I did eat pumpkin.  The house we had lunch at had little
chunks of pumpkin in the rice.  It was a little weird, but it was still
good.  Hey, I didn’t know that Jenn was living in our house.  How long
has she been there? Where is she moving to now?

This week was an OK.  Not a lot happened.  Both Sister Nathalie and I
were sick one day.  We returned home to take a shower because you
usually get better after a shower, but we still didn’t feel good so we
lost a day of work.  Sad, but we were better the next day, so it’s ok.

So we have been trying to contact a reference that a member gave us a
while ago.  It is hard to find the reference at home (it is a married
couple) because they both work a lot.  We finally found them at home
and started teaching them.  We were trying to get to know them a
little better but they weren’t really saying that much.  When we
started teaching them the Spirit was super strong.  Tatiane, the wife,
started crying and told us that she had a baby a month ago that died.
Wow.  We talked about sealamento and how the family can be eternal.
They said that that is the thing that they want more than any other.
It was a really good lesson.  Unfortunately they are only home Friday
at night, so we have to wait until Friday to see them again.

Yesterday we had a conference with Sister Seidshlag at her house.  It
was all about eating well, and staying healthy.  The coolest part was
when the physical therapist talked to us and showed us some things we
can do for back pain.  Then we got to practice it.  We finished kind
of late and by the time we got to go to the lan house it was super
full and would be for the rest of the night.  That is why I am sending
my email today.

That’s really all that happened this week.  I hope you have a good
week!  I love you

I forgot the pictures that I wanted to send
Our district of sisters with our zone leaders

This is me with the famous Ponte de Teresina.  
It is one of the only cool things in the city

This is a pic of just the bridge and the river.  
It is really pretty

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