Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 29, 2012

This week was pretty good.  We finally found a house more in the center of our area and we almost were able to move in, but the contract that the elders in the office sent us was completely messed up.  They just copied and pasted everything from an old contract for a different house.  So we are still waiting to move. 

Not much has happened this week.  We started teaching a mad named Santiago.  He lives practically on the street of the bishop.  He is about 55 and has already been married and divorced 6 times! He seems very interested.  Unfortunately he works at night and sleeps throughout the whole day and we can only go to teach him on Sundays.  He has already gone to church a couple of times and already is friends with one of the members, so things are looking good for him right now. 

I attached 3 pictures for your enjoyment.

1.  This is a street in our area.  Yes, there is a tree in the middle of the street here.  And it isn’t just any street it is an avenida

2.  This is our wall.  Our neighbor decided to knock it down without telling us.  We have been living without our electric fence and now we don’t have a wall.  Luckily nothing has happened and they have already built it again.

3.  Yesterday was Sister Knocke's birthday and we had a party in the house of a member.  From left to right: me, Sister Tavares, Sister Knocke, Sister Nathalie.

I love you!

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