Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday December 24, 2012

It was awesome talking to you all yesterday.  Everyone seems to be doing really well.  WOW!! Richmond Virginia! Tyler is going to LOVE it there!! i think i have been there before, but i dont really remember...but it seems like it would be a cool place.  Is his mission right on the borders of Brad's mission in West Virginia?  Do they have an accent there? Haha, Tyler will come home with an accent if they do.  

So I asked about the dates that I go home and my last 2 days here are the 24th and 25th of June.  I still have to ask if we can pass in my old areas and stuff.  I need to call presidete and ask of authorization.  I have already heard of some people that could and other people that weren’t allowed.  So I have no idea what he will say.  But if we can't go to São Luis and stuff we can go to Esplanada and Angelim because they are all close-ish to the mission office and mission home.  So I will call him this week and ask and see what we can do and I will let you know next week.  

The Christmas devotional was really good last night.  I ended up playing pretty much everything.  There were a couple of recorder (as in the instrument that we were forced to learn in elementary school) solos :) it was cool.  Tonight we have an activity with our zone.  We are going to visit the houses of less actives and recent converts that live near the stake center…kinda lame because it will only be in the area of our zone leaders, but whatever. 

I hope Christmas was good/will be good down in Arizona.  I love you.
Merry Christmas

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