Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

 Hello!! I hope everything is going well for everyone at home.  Awwhh, Hannah's little boy is so cute. 

So I talked to my leaders and I can call on the 23rd.  I just need to talk to the member, Ana Claudia.  She is going to let us use her computer and everything and we told her that we would call on the 25th so I just need to clear it with her.  So I don’t think that I will be able to wait until after 2 pm because we have a Christmas devotional that day at night and I am playing piano for basically the entire thing, so I definitely have to be there.  I will probably call between 3 or 4pm my time which will be 1 or 2 your time.  I am sorry, but we also need time to walk all the way to the chapel.  I will try sending an email first to let you guys know that I am on line.  I don’t know how you want to do it this time, because you said that you wanted time to talk to me alone this time.  Do you want to call me first or are we going to call Hannah and have her call everyone on a conference call?  How is this going to work?

The Christmas tree on our desks
Me with Sister Sena and Sister Pereira
I finally got my package last week!! woo hoo!! We opened it up and put up the tree right away.  I mailed a pic of it for you.  For us Christmas day is going to be a normal day of working.  I am pretty sure that it will not really work out that well because everyone always travels or is completely drunk on holidays.  It is actually really frustrating to work on holidays here because nothing ever works out.  

So, yeah, I will call on Sunday.  Sorry about the timing.  I hope Tyler gets his call in time so I can see him open it!!! That would be awesome!!! 

I love you, ad

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