Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 20, 2013

Say hi to Hannah and Dan for me, and Ryu.  Tell them to mail me letters and emails and stuff.

This week was really good.  It ended with the baptism of Jessica.  It was probably one of the best baptisms that I have had so far on my mission.  She was really funny.  She put on the baptismal clothes but didn’t want to leave the bathroom because they were a little big on her and she was all embarrassed.  We had one of the wards recent converts baptize her.  He is planning on leaving on a mission in June or July, so it was good practice for him. Also he is her boyfriend.  It was a really good service, short and sweet, but the spirit was really strong.  One of the ward members sang a special musical number.  Yup, it was a pretty good week.  We found some good new people to teach this week too, so we will have to see how it goes with them. 

That is really all that happened this week.  I am in Esplanada right now with Sister Sena and her companion Sister Tavares.  We are spending p-day together.  I think I didn’t tell you, but Sister Sena is in my old area now and she uses the same church building as us so Ii get to see her a lot.  It’s awesome. 

I will send pictures from the baptism in a different email because they are on Sister Wilsons camera.

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