Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

This was a pretty good week.  We had a couple of cool ward activities.  The first one was my idea.  We made a giant game board and made it look a little like the game of life.  At the end there was a temple and along the way there were spaces that said things like you forgot to pay tithing move back 3 spaces and stuff like that.  It was  hit.  Everyone liked it.  Then we had another activity yesterday where people in the ward go make contacts in the street.  Surprisingly people actually showed up.  I know I probably wouldn't go to an activity like that, it seems kinda lame.  But it turned out ok.  This week Isabelle started smoking less cigarettes per day.  She never could get below 10 but now out of nowhere she is only smoking 7 per day.  That was pretty exciting.  We just need to get it a little bit in 0 per day.

I just found out about transfers.  I will stay here and will train again.  My companion, Sister Terry will go to a new area to open it with another sister.  

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