Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6th 2013

This week was an exciting week.  I only got to work in my area for 3 days. One day i was n a trio with the other sisters, the next day I went to pick up my new companion and meet her for the first time, then the next day we spend our entire day at the federal police.  Don't worry I didn't do anything wrong, I was (finally) renewing my visa. 

So, my new companion's name is Sister Ramos.  She is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  She speaks a lot of Spanish and some Portuguese.  She is pretty cool. Tyler says i should learn Spanish.  I don't think that would work out with only 5 weeks to learn a language.  She is a little brainless sometimes.  We had to explain to her lots of simple things lots of times before she understands, and I know that it isn't the language barrier, because she already speaks pretty good Portuguese.  But, it will be good with her.  I don't think it is very fair for her to send her very first companion home.  I never talk about home or how I am going home or anything, but she is already super trunky.  Just knowing is enough I guess.  

I loved the pictures with Grace and Jake.  Gracie is so big! It's weird... but anyways, I will talk to you on Saturday I guess.

I love you

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