Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Hello from Brazil! This week was an interesting week. I finally got a companion. Her name is Sister Muhlstein and she is from LA. She is really cool. She already has pretty good Portuguese and can talk up a storm in Portuguese or in English. This is good and bad. It’s good because it is really encouraging me to study and work harder but its bad because I'm not always the most assertive person and it is really easy for her to dominate any lessions we have or really anything. I wish I could send a picture of us together but its against the rules to connect your camera in anyway to the computer. Sorry.

Life at the CTM is always lots of fun. Right after we get up in the morning we have personal study for an hour in our classroom. Breakfast lasts only half an hour then its back to the classroom to study Portuguese. After lunch our first instructor comes to teach us. His name is Irmão Ramalho (you say is Hamalyo kind of...). He teaches us then we have an hour for different companionships in the district to teach Paulo, the investigator that Irmão Ramalho pretends to be. After teaching Paulo, we have dinner and our 2nd instructor comes. Her name is Irmã Menezes. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She doesn't have the best English so it is sometimes difficult to follow what she is teaching us. But after her lessons we get to teach Lidia, another investigator. Finally at 9:15 we get to go to the auditorium to have snack which is usually bread, cold hot chocolate (we suspect it is leftover from breakfast) and apples. I usually don't eat anything but I try to talk to some Brazilians.

Yesterday, we got a chance to teach Lidia. Before Sister Muhlstein just talked the whole time but this time I actually said things! I got to ask questions and actually understood what Lidia was saying when she answered. It was the greatest feeling in the whole world! Not only was I able to say what I wanted to say, I could really feel the Spirit in the room. I talked to Sister Muhlstein after and she said she felt the same thing. Hopefully Lidia could feel it too especially since we were teaching her about the Holy Ghost and how you can recognize it and how he speaks to us. Whenever something like this happens, I get really excited and pumped to go out to Teresina.

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