Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

This is me with Sister Borges and the Relief Society birthday party in our ward.  There was a ton of food and it was really fun.

Wow, sounds like an exciting week :) I wasn’t sad last week, just disappointed for Douglas.  We didn’t get a chance to go teach him this week because we spend the whole week going around and saying goodbye to everyone for Sister Borges.  She left at 2 am last night and I am temporarily in a trio with Sister Smith and Sister Moda, the other companionship that lives with us.  We will find out if any of us are transferred sometime today.  Until then I am in charge of everything for our area...scary!

The ward threw a party for Sister Borges Saturday night.  They had cake and a lot of people from the ward were there.  They even let us take home the leftover cake, which turned out to be lucky because we
didn’t have any food to eat.  Its a good thing it’s finally P-day so we can go to the grocery store!

Yup, not an exciting week missionary work wise, but it was a good week.  I will miss Sister Borges, but am excited to get a new companion.  I love you! Thanks for your prayers!

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