Friday, May 11, 2012

May 7, 2012

Wow, what a week.  I have unofficially been made senior companion of my area.  It’s unofficial because I am the only missionary for my area.   I didn’t get a companion after Sister Borges left so I have been working with the other companionship of sisters I live with in their area.  Their area is huge! It is at least 3 times bigger than my area and everyone is spread out, no one lives close to each other. I have done a lot more walking this week.  It has been a real blessing to have this week with Sister Smith and Sister Moda to see how real missionaries work.  Sister Borges was good and all, but I think she was just done when I got here.  Just to illustrate this I went on splits one day with Gleiciane, a friend in my ward here.  In one day we doubled the number of investigators we had.  Yeah, kind of sad.  But it was good.  Wow, being in charge of an area is a lot of work!  It is hard because I still don’t know Portuguese that well, but I get lots of help from all the people and from the Lord.  For a while I thought my mission president forgot about me because I didn’t hear anything about my companion until Saturday.  She still hasn’t arrived but will sometime this week.  We don’t know when this week.  We were told that my new companion is Sister Sena which is really cool because I met her in the CTM! We were there for Christmas together.  She is really cool and seemed like a hard worker so I am excited.

I cant wait till Saturday to call you!!  I gave Tyler all the details.   I didn’t know that you could do conference calls on Skype.  Sweet!! Who will be in the conference call and who will be at home?  Well, I guess I will be calling before I get to check email again.

Your address is right for the package.  The only way to get garments here is to go to the temple and get them from the distribution center there.  The closest temple is in Recife and really far away.  There are caravans 4 times a year when a bunch of people go but I don’t know when the next one is.  And they tell people not to buy garments for other people which I think is very unfair because the majority of people can only afford to go to the temple once. But yeah, that’s what they tell us.

That’s all for this week.  love ya

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