Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14, 2012

It was so nice to talk to all you guys yesterday!  It almost felt like I never left home.  It is pretty sweet though that we get to use Skype and that I got to see everyone.  Thank goodness for Brother Hanson?  Wow, what happened? I am glad that you got it all figured out.  Before we talked I though that I was going to
get really homesick after, but so far it hasn’t been a problem which is always a good thing!  Wow, this time next year we will be talking about coming home...weird.

Nothing much happened this week.  We are working hard on finding new people to teach because we don’t have that many right now.  We found one person a while ago, Luiz.  We were teaching him the 3rd lesson and he went off on how everyone needs repentance because nobody is perfect....except him.  He kept going on and on about how he is perfect and how he doesn’t need repentance.  Arg.  We tried to explain it in a different way but he wasn’t getting it.  I’m not really sure what we are going to do about it but we will figure it out.

You don’t have to worry about me speaking more Portuguese.  When I got my new companion, Sister Sena, I kind of made a little goal to speak so much that she thinks that Portuguese is easy for me.  Yup, I am definitely succeeding.  When people ask how my Portuguese is coming along she always answers for e that my Portuguese is Excellent.  Yup, so I am getting pretty good at Portuguese.... and acting :) .

It was so so so nice to talk to you!! I can’t wait till Christmas when we get to talk again! I love you!

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