Friday, July 27, 2012

July 23, 2012

Guess what? We had 7 whole investigators at sacrament this week!  That is the most I have ever had my whole mission! It was crazy...

 My new Mission President is always telling us that our purpose is to get families to the temple and not to just baptize people.  AH! I can’t even explain how much I already love him!!   You can see his picture in this ensign?? I don’t know but I know that it was in the Liahona this month.  You can see his pic online if you want.  Yup, I won’t lie, my mission is already a million times better with Pres. Siedshlag.  It’s pretty awesome.

He is from Brazil, but the south of Brazil so he has a funny accent.  It is actually kind of cool, but sometimes it is hard to understand what he is saying.  I am so used to the weird accent from here.  I don’t think they will be in the Ensign because there was something like 15 new presidents in Brazil just this month and a million in the church in general.  

Yeah, Manaus is super far away, but everyone in Brazil watched the temple dedication. The temple that everyone goes to here is Fortaleza temple, in the opposite direction from Manaus.  It is a 24 hour bus ride and there are a bunch of people going this week! So there was hardly anyone in church.

 So here are some pictures:

1. This is PROOF that I waited until my birthday to open my package.

2.  This is me with Cristiano and Elinilza at their wedding in the chapel, it was super fast and super small.  There was hardly anyone there.

3. This is me with my new hammock, or as they say here, my new rede (said the same way as hedge). yup.  It’s pretty much awesome.

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