Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 20, 2012

Jadson and Sandra are doing great!! We invited them to be baptized this last week and they accepted!!!!  We set the date for long in the future though because they still need to get married (blah) but can’t get married until Sandra has her baby.  She is already 8 and a half months pregnant so it won’t be too long now.  But they are both really excited about the gospel and everything that we are teaching them.  They have already come to church a bunch of times and Jadson has come to some of the activities (Sandra hasn’t because it is too hard sometimes).  They are great and I am really excited for them.  Transfers are coming up at the beginning of September and i am really hoping that i am not transferred so i can see them get married and baptized. 

We are also working with another family Fransica and Raimundo.  They have 7 kids and  her brother and niece live with them.  They aren’t married and also don’t know how to read.  They also aren’t very excited about what we are teaching.  But we can’t tell if it is because they don’t understand what we are teaching (which is VERY likely) or if they really aren’t interested.  They come to church every now and then because they live right around the corner.  It’s hard to tell when they don’t know how to read because you can’t leave any reading "homework" only praying "homework"  and they always forget... its a little annoying, but we are trying to teach them slowly and use lots of pictures and go back and teach the same things again after on another day.  It takes up a lot of time. 

This is a problem that we have a lot here, people aren’t married.  I am starting to wonder if ANYONE is married outside the church.  I don’t think so...

That’s all I have this week.  I hope you are doing well.  I love you!! And don’t work too much


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