Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

I found something that I could use as my plaque, or however you spell it.  It is a painted tile that has a little frame type thing.  It was 15 reais.  It has little hooks for keys or something, but it is really easy to take those out and we can put my name or something over the holes.  I will attach a picture.  Also, some time ago you were always telling me to write in my journal and I feel like you are still secretly thinking that I don’t write anything.  Just to let you know, I am currently writing in my 3RD journal.  I already finished the one that you got for me, another notebook that I got, and now I am on my next one.  I don’t think it will last really long because it is kinda small, but Sister Sena made it for my birthday.  Also, I LOVE SISTER SENA!! She is awesome.  If I could choose, I would choose to stay companions with her for my whole mission. But I don’t think that is going to happen...

This week was ok, until the end which was very good.  Jadson and Sandra had their baby this week, today he is 4 days old.  This is good because the next step for them is getting married, then they can be baptized!!  We are so excited for them.  Transfers are coming up next week, and we are really hoping that we aren’t transferred. 

This week in church there was a daughter of a member who came.  Her name is Andressa, and she is not a member.  We did not know this.  She started asking questions about how she could serve a mission like us and a member just said "You have to be baptized."  Then she said "ok, how do I get baptized?" We were a little dumbstruck after that.  Then Sister Sena just said, "It’s easy, we just come to your house to teach you, then we can mark a day for you to be baptized."  We went to her house yesterday and taught her.  It was basically awesome.  And now we have yet another reason why we don’t want to be transferred.  I think one of us is going to be transferred just because we really don’t want to be :)


1.  This is the thing I got for my plaque(how do you spell that?)  It is a painting of a street in the historical center here.  It is super pretty!

2.  This is me sitting on a wall waiting for an investigator to come to the door.  It turned out they weren’t home.

3.  This is a pretty picture of me and Sister Sena from last week


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