Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

 This week was awesome!!! Andressa was interviewed for baptism, we are still waiting to hear from our president about her.  But she is almost there!  She told us that she wants to serve a mission too.  I don’t remember if i already told you that.  We are so excited for her!!

The second good thing that happened this week is that we finally got a ward mission leader.  Remember Elenilsa?  It is her husband and he is great.  He has absolutely no idea what he is doing so we are basically training him.  This is good because we can train him to do everything that he is supposed to do.  It is going to be really good.

And the 3rd thing is that one of our investigators will FINALLY get married so he can get baptized!!  His name is Junior.  I don’t think I have ever written about him.  He was one of the 2 investigators the elders before us left.  They have been saving up money since we arrived to get married.  They have finally got the right amount, and have finally gone to the office to get the papers, and have FINALLY set a date!! His wife and 2 kids are members already, so now we will have a complete family!  woo hoo!! We have been waiting a long time for this, they have too!!

We went to the historical center in São Luis today.  It is really pretty there.  There isn’t much to do except walk in some old streets and look in the little souvenir shops.  I got a shirt that says São Luis on it.  Sister Sena got the same one so I will send a picture next week us both of us with our new shirts. 

We haven't had water all this week.  This is the 3rd time this has happened so we want to call the mission office and ask if we can look for a new house.  Blah.  On the bright side i have a new talent.  I am really good at taking a shower with only one bucket of water.  It was hard at first, but now I know how to do it with hardly any water.  Fun.

I hope that everything is going well there.  I love you!

  Me on one of the old streets

Me in front of one of the old churches

Me with a chapel de bumba meu boi
P.S.  Transfers are today and tomorrow.  Our zone leaders already know who will be transferred but they won’t tell us yet, so I don’t have any more news for you.  I think sister Sena is being transferred though

We just got a call from our zone leaders and sister Sena was transferred to Teresina and I am senior companion now... With Sister Natalie from São Paulo. 
Still Later:
Oh, I am also transferred to Teresina and am opening an area of sisters.  all the sisters are going to be in the same zone together.  AH! I can’t open an area AND be senior! Well, at least we don’t have to worry about not having water in this house.

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