Monday, December 3, 2012

November 26, 2012

Auh, Gracie is so cute!! I love how Amanda always hated seasonasl but now forces her daughter to wear them all the time. ha. let her play with a toilet seat? Doesn’t that sound a little... unsanitary to you?  I'm glad that Thanksgiving turned out good.  Are you feeling better from your cold/ strep?  Clint comes home this month?  Wow.  I forgot that he had left that much before me.  You will have to tell me how his homecoming is.

Well, today was transfers. And I have been transferred.  I am companions with Sister Knoche in Angelim.  It is the area right next to Esplanada, the area that I was in before.  The two wards meet in the same chapel.  I will still be able to see everyone that is in the ward where I was before which is great!! The members that already invited us to spend Christmas with them said that I can still come with my new companion. :) 

Sister Knocke is from Pleasant Grove UT and has heard of the Johnsons, well, actually she has heard of the family who has 11 kids and she thinks that their name is Johnson but she doesn’t really remember.  

This week was good.  It rained a couple of times which means that winter has finally arrived!!! woo hoo!!  The other day I had to sleep with a sheet because it was so cold! Crazy.  Hopefully it lasts for a while.  This week we taught a lot.  One of the lessons was with an investigator named Tatiane.  She is great.  She believes in everything that we have been teaching her and has prayed and received an answer and all.  The only problem now is church.  She still hasn’t gone to church.  That is one of our biggest problems in this area.  All the people live so far away that it is really hard for them to go to church each week.  But now I don’t have to worry too much about it because i have been transferred to an area that is nice and normal sized.

That is all the news that I have for now.  I will tell you all about my new area next week!

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