Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 11, 2013

This week was pretty good.  We have to return every day at 6 pm because it is carnival.  It hasn't been too bad out on the streets.  The only problem is that there is nobody home.  Everyone is either traveling to small cities where carnival isn't really big, or they are out on the streets.  It kind of stinks. But we only have today and tomorrow, then everything is back to normal.  We did a monster deep clean of our house, which was a little gross.  There were elders living in this house for about 10 years before us, so you can just imagine...

I did get to visit Maria Clara, Erimarcos was working.  But we talked a little and I think she really is a little more open to the gospel.  The only problem now is that she just had a baby and can't walk a lot, she lives far from the church and she doesn't have a car or motorcycle or anything.  So we are trying to find someone that can pick them up. 

That's really all that happened this week.  Tell Tyler congratulations on everything, and good luck:)

love you all

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