Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Thanks for putting Erimarcos and Maria Clara's names in the temple,  We still haven't had a chance to talk to them this week.  I am planning on talking to Luana to see if they have returned home yet. 

This week was all normal.  We are working hard.  We found some people that seem pretty good, but when we returned they didn't seem too interested.  We are still working with Jessica's mom and want to teach her dad too but he is never home so we are starting to give up on that a little.  This week in church was really cool.  Some less active members that we are always visiting FINALLY came to church.  But the coolest of all was during sacrament.  We arrived a little later than usual, about 5 min before they start.  I went right to the piano because I play in Sacrament Meeting.  I looked out and was seeing who came and who didn't and was really disappointed when I saw that Bruno hadn't come.  This was the first Sunday that he has missed since we started teaching him.  After we finished singing the sacrament hymn I went to sit down and was surprised to see that Bruno had been sitting on the bench with the deacons to pass the Sacrament!! This was the first Sunday that he passed the sacrament and he said that he will bless the Sacrament in 2 weeks.

That is the most exciting thing that happened this week. I hope all is going well for you guys.
love you

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